Tibetan Sky Burial

So i felt like expanding and will be writing about other curious stuff from around the world now and then, because there's only "so" much to write about little boring Norway.

Also, WARNING, WARNING: pictures of dead people.

Sky burial, despite sounding like some sexual deed, was actually once a common buddhist burial tradition in Tibet. Like most burials not done by serial killers in the back yard, it's to show last respects and rites to the dearly departed in an utmost dignified way.

They wrap the body in cloth and put it in some corner and forget about it for 3 days until somebody says "God, it smells like somebody died in here" and then remember that there was infact a decaying dead corpse around here somewhere and everybody glances akwardly at each other.

"Ah hell, i forgot to bury the dead guy rotting behind the fridge.. My wife's gonna be mad!"

They then place the now nice flowery smelling body ontop a mountain to expose it to the mahabhuta (the four elements). The next step is the monks favorite part, which involves hacking away at the body here and there with an axe, and usually laughs and jokes, because who doesn't have a jolly good time chopping dead people up they once knew and loved? Either way, this is to create something akin to ritualistic markings, something that IS popular amongst the serial killer community. Both amongs the religious ones as well as the practical ones.

Just another day in Tibet

After playing Dexter for a while and things started to get boring, they would leave the mutilated cadavre at the mercy of birds, as an offering. We can safely assume the birds will do some hilarious posing with your rotting helpless corpse and take pictures playing with your uncovered "pecker" like the douchebags birds usually are. This process is called "jhator" aka "giving alms to birds".

"Haha! Look at this useless asshole!"

As soon as the vultures have had their feast on your, literally, bones, the monks, just because mutilating your naked, now half eaten, body wasn't fun enough, smash your remaining bones into flour and feed it to the smaller birds.

Goddamn, they must REALLY hate you if they are this dedicated to remove every single trace of you from the earth. Then again, India simply burn away every trace of your existance, and your living wife too.

Pic related, the latest victim of autoerotic asphyxia gone wrong (a growing social problem over there because  Tibet is a fucking boring place) receiving the respect and dignity he deserves.

Dignity intact.


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  1. this was a bit disturbing for me, but a good post anyway

  2. Damn. I've heard about this method of disposing the dead in Tibet, but I wasn't ready for this. Good post though.

  3. D: This is the first post I read??????? jk. very interesting!!!!! great comical voice!

  4. kinda cool. still wanna free tibet?

  5. Sick, but awesome!

  6. This article is very disrespectful. I'm all for laughing at things that are uncomfortable and whatever, but this article just went a little too far...I'm not telling you what you can or cannot write, because we are lucky enough to have the freedom of speech, but its important to remember that the practise of sky burial has a lot of meaning to Tibetan people. And the people know and welcome sky burial on themselves because it is part of their culture and belief system.

  7. DISRESPECTFUL ARTICLE? Huh!! the RESPECT these sick minded people are showing to their dead ones made me sick to my stomach....