Lutefisk (lye fish)

Being a proud norwegian, i feel i should share the knowledge of some good old norwegian culinary delights. In this case, Lutefisk.

Lutefisk is a traditional nordic dish, that's actually more popular in the USA, usually enjoyed by those who like to get in touch with their nordic roots, or just hate happiness in general.

It's basically a dried fish stored in some kind of water and lye solution for 6-8 days until it gets very soft, springy, and most importantly, unappetizingly as possible.

Wait, isn't that a scene from Independence Day when that scientist cut into the alien body?
The magic ingredient in preparing the fish is a fish and some lye (who knew?). And according to wiki on lye: "Both wetdry lye and lye solutions are highly corrosive and will degrade organic tissue."

And about eating that stuff: "Sterling silver should never be used in the cooking, serving or eating of lutefisk, which will permanently ruin silver."

Yes, this dish destroys silver, a goddamn metal (or alloy to be technically correct), since, you know, lye contains a large quantity of "fucking-up-shit" and, because of that, generally fucks up shit it get in contact with in a bad way.

I used my amazing photo editing skills to bring you a visual of what i just wrote:

Honestly, it sounds like a pefectly good and sane reason to put something that's been soaked in lye for days into your mouth. Besides, it probably won't wreck your health and dignity any more than a cheeseburger from McDonalds can. Probably. One thing is certainly though, it will not pass your digestive system without a fight.

"Peace...? No peace"

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