Chinese Lotus Feet

                                                       Lotus feet (aka foot binding)

Lotus feet is the very definition of hotness, don't you think? The chinese did.

Let's continue onto the facts after this short warning: Disturbing pictures of feets like above ahoy.

Foot binding started somewhere in the 10th century, when someone in the nobility with a real fucked up fetish realised that disgusting feets were just what he and his wife needed to put sparks into their otherwise boring sexlife (they're Chinese, of course it had to be boring). Somehow someone at the regular aristocratic orgies felt the same thing when he saw the infected deformed feets of his friends wife and before you know it, it was the new hot shit in town and you just wasn't cool enough for the cool gang unless your wife had freaky unnatural feet.

The delicate process of shaping the feets into... Whatever the fuck that is, was a long, painful and potentially dangerous one. One would start on his daughter from anywhere from 4 years old to 6 years old (sometimes earlier or later), just as their fragile memories and sensitive nerve centers had developed. Though at least they did start during the winter, so the pain wouldn't be so extreme due numb feets from the cold. God bless them for thinking about the little children!

Just look how grateful she grew up to be!

The small feet would be soaked in warm water mixed with herbs, animal blood, whatever was readily avaible depending for most families and their economy (which sometimes meant urine). Then their soft feet and toes would be binded into an arch, more and more as the year went past and the once happy little girls apathetically accepted their cruel fate into this personal hell.

And that's pretty much the worst of it... Nah, just kidding, it just wouldn't be good old china if they let the female gender off the hook that easily. A common procedure was to break the toes and whatever bones they could find in the foot, to make it so that it was easier to bind it tighter and tighter, and quite often, the bindings would cut blood circulation to the toes (or entire  foot), leading to a nasty case of gangrene, which, hopefully most people know isn't really a good thing. But old China wasn't like most people and felt that all the pointless meat would be better cut off anyway, making the feet smaller since there were now less toes to break now and then. Who needs stupid toes anyway?

I have no idea what's going in this picture to be honest.

Sometimes the young girl would die from other kinds of infection, general peasant lifestyle or even suicide. But oh well, shit happens, and after all, it's just a girl. Something back then of equal value today as a cheeseburger at McDonalds.

One might ask "why do all this, what is the point"? Well, because honestly, have you SEEN women with normal feets? That shits disgusting! Or so we are to believe, according to the chinese fashion industry. Besides, let's be fair here. We can just go as ancient year of 1980's to see horrible horrible fashion that will no doubt make people in 50 years cringe in disgust at how people allowed that shit.

You can clearly see different degrees of shame and regret. two of them can't even face the camera. I think one of them is crying

But in reality, foot binding was for... Well, actually, it was ONLY for fashion and not one thing else.

But for once, the women born into riches are the losers in this case (unless you were a female Indian, then you'd lose anyway). It was thought that only poor filthy peasant women needed to walk and work back then. And thus the chinese nobles found that replacing "feets you can use to walk, smile and be happy" with "stumps you stumble around with painfully crippling you all your life" a symbol of wealth and nobility.

Nothing says "wealthy" as a massive medical bill.
Possibly for once, someone won over Japan at fucked up erotica as the chinese men popped raging boners everywhere just at the thought of those feets (as long as it was covered)

But the day after,  Japan took the lead again.

But let's not judge here. Don't we find equally disgusting things like... Like... Nope, i'm blank. Seriously, i can't think of anything comparable on this one.

Of course, the feet were always covered in sores, infections, puss and what else your darkest nightmares throw at you when you're at your weakest, and the smell makes that forgotten buddhist corpse in the corner i talked about in the other post smell like a fresh spring morning after the rain.

Good thing China wised up and realised that this shit's pretty bad and outlawed it... In 1949 by the communist party, because they needed the women to work, and to get rid of anything resembling the old nobility. Japan banned it from Taiwan in 1915 when they took over the place. There are women still alive with these lotus feets, crippled and often in intense pain.

                                                        Which kinda reminds me of...          

I'm starting to suspect that fashion hates humanity.

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