Pictures of Norway (part 1 - Sunset & dusk)

I love taking pictures, and wish to share the pics i've taken along the years, so here you go, please enjoy! I'll update with different themes and subjects every day, so welcome back!

Statue of Leif Erikson

Dang, took longer time to upload than previously though, and so i'm out of time. More to follow later!


  1. This is really good i love your pics.

    In north norway in winter there is always light ?

    Some norvegian girl in my class told me

  2. Loving the pictures, what camera are you using? It's great, keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the comments! And yeah, during summer, it's pretty damn bright even during the night. A great pain when i served mandatory duty up there.

    Oh the uncountable amounts sleepless nights...

    On the other hand, mid winter is the opposite, when the sun barly touches the horizon before setting again.

  4. Oh, it was an old Canon IXUS 75 for the majority of these pics.

    I don't actually own a camera, so i borrow it from a friend now and then.

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous...gotta be towards the top of my places to visit list

  6. nice sunsets, really wonderful